i'm really not cool

Have you ___________ this summer 2005? SURVEY

Had a party?: with mahh self
Gone to a party?: bfdjhf

Spent the night with someone?: yeahh

Laughed until your stomach hurt?: yeah and i've peed too

on a vacation?: not really

Tanned?: when i slept

camping? nope
Swam?: too much

Went to the movies?: mhmm

Gone shopping?: yeah

Had a job?: tcby
Have you gotten sun burned yet?
yeah :-(
Made a bonfire?: at camp
Been outside during a lightning storm:
Been to another state?: uhh don't think so
Been to
another country?: nahh man
Changed someting about your appearance?: my hair got waaaay blonder
Been to the hospital with an injury?: no
Commited a crime/broken the law: maybe?
Gone on a road trip?: nahh
Dumped a g/f or b/f?: kinda
Kissed someone?: yessssss
to a concert?: meatloaf! and bsb!
Been in trouble with the cops/parents?: not cops but yeah parents
Had a memorable moment?: yes
Had a
horrible moment?: yes
Made new friends: yes
Missed a friend?: chris ( and others)
Slept under the
stars?: i wish
Thought about school?: mhmm
Been to the
beach?: duhhh
about a special someone?: yes
Spent the most time with: laur
Wanted to Visit?: chris
Taken a summer class?: haha summer school for gym
Had a crush?: duh

Lived back at home?: nah mn i live in the streeeets
Where are you going
to school next year?: the usu

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Lauren told me to update so I'm doing it. I'm excited for October. My cousin is getting married so I need a dress. Then Chris might be coming!!!!!!!! <3333
then i'm going to st. croix for a open water race so im excited ! oh yeah and my birthday too!

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jensen pulling: wait...what?
jensen pulling: hahahahaha
jensen pulling: hahahahaha
jensen pulling: that was good.

I love this girl and I totally miss her. I have really bad swimmer's ear. I want to go to Arizona right now and I miss Chris.

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Hey you guys, tomorrow I am going away for 2 weeks, if anyone wants to write me here's my address:

DPF Nassau County 4H Camp
Jess Lester
3186 Sound Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

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funny my whole life, i never actually considered myself fat but now i'm forced to go on a diet because of something usually only 55 year old men and my mom worry about. cholesterol

on another note today was fun. i saw an imax movie with laur, jimbo, and casey and then we went to dinner at a diner where the people sang to us. It was fun, i ate alot and spit all over jimmy and laughed at vishal's relatives. I love my friends